Posts & Fixings

8' Spiked Posts

Our posts are produced from sustainable, kiln-dried wood. We provide 45mm square posts which can be either standard spiked or spiked & slotted and are drilled to suit your boards upon request. They are painted white as standard however; numerous other colour options are available which allows you to stay on brand. Produced in house, our posts can be cut to different lengths if required.

Our spiked wooden Posts ready stacked in a pile.
Fine & Country

8' Gallows Posts

Our swing style gallows or hangman’s posts are an aesthetically pleasing alternative to the standard post, portraying prestige and quality. Designed for our eyeleted swing boards, they allow the board to swing. Shackles for hanging boards from gallows posts can also be provided to create a complete set.

FreeStanding Posts

Designed for properties where a standard post is not able to be fitted, our freestanding posts are a great alternative. Bespoke design allows the post to stand on solid ground, ideal for driveways.

Fixing Sets

We stock a number of fixings including nylon nuts & bolts for fitting slips and boards as well as shackles for swing boards. Different coloured nylon fixings are available on request.

Angle Irons
& Met Posts

Angle irons are specifically designed to support gallow posts, whilst met posts provide support for standard 45mm square posts.

Angle Iron diagram to show where to place on post.

Wooden Stakes

Wooden stakes are ideal for providing extra support for 8’ posts where required. Our wooden stakes produced in house can be colour matched if required.

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