LED Freestanding Meerkat Window Displays

Our bright and vivid LED window displays brighten up your office front like nothing else. Make your office stand out on the street, day or night. Our window meerkat displays are custom made in house to fit your window display design. Made up from A3 or A4 wallets, property detail posters are able to be easily changed.

This bespoke window display was created using brand colours to illuminate properties at night.
Thin Acrylic LED Wallets with properties displayed.

Suspended Cable LED wallets

These displays provide a sleek look from LED wallets being hung on cables suspended from above. Options include either A3 or A4 wallets for property details, or alternatively A2 wallets for larger poster displays.

LED Freestanding Window Displays

Produced in house, there are a numerous number of options available depending on your window space. Normally produced in banks of either A3 or A4 wallets, property details are able to be changed as and when you require.

freestanding window display in a shop window for an estate agent

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Estate Agent Fascia Complete with projecting signs, wall signs and custom window displays

Office Signage

We manufacture, install and maintain all types of office signage including fascia, illuminated and projection signs and offer a full service from design through to installation.

This Office was painted and decorated out of hours to create zero downtime.

Out Of Hours
Painting & Decorating

Saving you downtime and money, our out of hours painting and decorating services enables you to carry on with your normal office functions without any interruptions to your work flow.

A orange fascia sign with a matching pavement sign.

Pavement Boards

A versatile, effective promotion tool. Pavement signs allow either a permanent message to be displayed or an interchangeable option allows you to change the messaged advertised at any time.

A bespoke wallpaper for office with a city mirrored on the wall

Interior Signage

We produce and install interior signage. Stay on brand on the inside of your office as well as the outside and make empty wall space look great with our interior signage solutions.

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