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QR Code BoardsWhat is a QR code… and as an Estate Agent, why should I care?

So you’ve all got yourselves your mobile ‘apps’ and are frantically getting to grips with the wonderful world of ‘social media’, but what about the latest craze to hit the world of business? – The QR code.

Put very simply, QR codes (or “Quick Response code” for the non tech-savvy) are a high performance barcode design. By using an app on a mobile phone such as an iPhone, simply open the app, point the camera at the QR code, and wait for the magic to happen.

Scanning a QR code can perform a number of different actions from displaying text, contact information, composing an email, or opening a web page.

At First Signs, we help you engage customers and help sell properties faster. Our advanced QR Code Boards or slips increase prospective customer interaction which ultimately lead to quicker sales.

We have a great relationship with first signs and labels, we have used them for over 4 years and have never been disappointed. Matthew has always been friendly, helpful and very efficient along with all the other members of staff we have dealt with. We would recommended them time and time again.
Olivia M-Brown, Surelet.

Are you ready to start improving your business?

QR Code Estate Agent BoardThe technology should not be ignored. The increasingly common use of smart phones to access the internet means QR codes offers interesting opportunities for estate agents to direct people from offline media to online.

QR codes have one simple goal: To rapidly deliver information to QR-capable devices!

Take a simple scenario in the world of the property agent. A prospective client walks past a property you’re marketing, scans the QR code on your board or slip and within 5 seconds is looking at a page on your website with all the information they need about that property. One more click and they’re making a call to your office to arrange a viewing!

You can already download a number of QR-scanning apps and utilities for smartphones and other mobile devices. Utilising QR codes can demonstrate technical knowledge and a view to the future. For example, you could choose to embed a URL to your businesses website on your business card by creating or generating a QR code.

Here are our favourite QR code scanner apps for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry smartphones:

All it takes is a quick call to our dedicated estate boards team for friendly and professional signage advice. Find out how you can be making the most of your estate agent boards and attracting new customers right now!

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So why come to us for your estate agent boards?

  • Rock-Solid Lead Times - Once your order is received, we make a we provide an estimated lead time that you can count on. We understand that the housing market can be unpredictable at times and signage is often needed with very little warning. Thankfully First Signs offer a fast turnaround time to combat this problem – with a commitment that you’ll receive great quality estate agent boards without the unnecessary delay.
  • First Class Customer Service - We think our customer service is the best in the business – it’s something we’re really proud of. Our first class customer service means you can really rely on our experienced and friendly team here at First Signs. We’d love to hear from you right now, so why not send us an email or give us a call?
  • No Design Fees & Low Set-Up Charge - Unlike some of our competitors we don’t charge for any artwork you may require before printing your boards. Once an order is placed, we can help you turn your idea from concept to completion with a customised design unique to your company. An initial set-up charge of £30.00 only applies to new screen printed orders. Repeat orders do not incur a set-up charge unless artwork requires amending/changing.
  • Reliability - Having been in business for over 24 years, you can be sure of our experience and dedication. Rest assured, we won’t let you down. You will be in the capable hands of a dedicated team of sign makers that know the business inside-out.
  • Top quality - We use some of the best techniques and latest technologies in-house when printing your Flag Boards. We make sure that you receive the highest quality signs in the shortest possible time, totally hassle free.

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